Monday, August 20, 2012


The Amazing Spider-man

Version Reviewed: X360

It's 2012 and we are already so tired of what happened with Sam Raimi's trilogy that we are doing it all over again. The Amazing Spider-Man has been rebooted quite quickly, but the result is amazing. So after you have seen the movie a few times, probably in sweet digital 3d, you still crave some web-slinging action? Well look no further, because the Amazing Spider-man is nothing else if not... well... Amazing.

So instead of being a game based off what happens in the movie, this same name title is actually an epilogue to the film. You may remember that this game released 2 weeks prior to the films debut. A rather interesting decision, but none-the-less I must say that this game seemed to get mixed reactions to the spoilers. I saw the film half-way through the playthrough of this title, and I don't think much of anything is spoiled if you are a spider-man fan in the first place, then you will be familiar with what is happening anyway. 

So you begin your journey in a first-person view as Peter Parker. Your on a tour through Oscorp, now run by Allastaire Smythe. (sp?)  All hell breaks loose and you are greated to a tutorial level. The first thing I noticed about the game is the way they used a combat system almost straight out of the Batman Arkham games.

This is actually what I find to be one of the games greatest strengths. They may not have invented the system, but combine the fluid and powerful combat of Arkham Asylum and the flashy spins, jumps, and flips of Spider-Man, throw in some web-shooting, and you are left with a beautiful and fun-to-play combat system for this game.

Once you are unleashed into the open world of Manhatten, which has finally made a return to spider-man games, you will notice a few things. First you may notice that the web-lines you are swinging on are not constrained to fixed points on buildings (e.g. Spider-man 2 for PS2).

At first I thought this was going to be a big detterent of web-slinging, but the thing is, the web-slinging is so fast, acrobatic, and just plain-ass-fun that you don't even notice. The camera is zoomed in, and alters the FOV when you fall faster giving you a great sense of speed. Things get even better when you are fighting some of the flying spider-slayers around the city.

The bulk of your time outside is spent doing things like collecting the insane amount of comic pages laying around (this unlocks read-able comic books), stopping random crimes, or doing side-missions like using your camera.

The story missions pre-dominantly take place inside, and most locations are just varied enough that you won't feel like you've been there before. This is also where you will be doing the most of your combat, so don't be afraid to go all over the place both inside and out on the island.

So there you have it, a fun spider-man game that extends the story of the great movie that just came out. I enjoyed my time with it, and I think if you like spider-man, the games, and that awesome movie that just came out, then you will too.


Game Over:
Final Score: 7.5 out of 10
"It looks Amazing!"

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