Friday, August 24, 2012



XBLA game

Deadlight is a 2.5D side-scrolling platform game. I know, I know, there are a ton of those on XBL... so what's this one got? It's got zombies!

That's right, deadlight is a post apocolyptic take on this great genre. The story in deadlight isn't much to write home about, although the ending had a nice twist I won't ruin for you. What makes deadlight great is it's presentation.

Deadlight has a great art style with detailed backgrounds, and dark shadowy foregrounds. The zombies are usually too dark to see, except their hungry eyes. The sense of death is always close at hand as well, and you will die a-lot, because zombies are undead, hard to kill, and impossible to stop in hordes. Not too mention that guns are treated as rare luxuries instead of the bread and butter of gameplay.

If I have to give Deadlight poor marks, it's only due to it's length. The campaign will probably only take you 3-6 hours to beat. (Depending on how many times you die and if you are looking for all the collectables, such as  ID cards with recognizable names haha) There are leaderboards, but I have never cared much about leader-boards because I don't have people playing everything I play so there is little else to compare myself to other than the 12 year-olds who spend their time playing an online game all year like it's crack.

Anyway, Deadlight was way fun. Well worth the 15 bucks (1200 MS Points).


Game Over
Final Score: 8.0
"It's way fun"

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